Restyling Mohd e-shop

October 2013

Mohd online shop started as an experiment back in 2011. The shop activities began to increase gradually, yet relentlessly. Users were becoming customers with growing needs, so an update was themost sensible thing to do.

Mohd is a Magento e-commerce, with some extensions installed to comply to the client’s needs.

E-commerce, Design
Mollura Home Design

LThe re-design goal was to give users the same features they love in design: beauty and ease of use. An interaction on each product preview reveals all the features available, such as Add to cart and Add to Wishlist.

All items available on the e-commerce can be browsed by category, room, brand and designer, to adapt to every user’s needs.

Product sheets clearly describe items, with technical specs, history and suggestions, and a photogallery.

The shopping acts accordingly. On the left page side users can check their order, while on the right side all practical aspects can be found, such as shipping costs and useful information.

Mohd also deals with some important interior design projects: Design Project is where all Mohd’s planning works are collected.

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