We love the Web

We are a creative agency. Creating successful on-line experiences is what we love the most.

Factoria is a small Neapolitan agency, a collective of designers, developers, SEO specialists, creatives and communication experts.

We provide visual communication and software application development for New Media, websites, interactive applications, graphics and video productions.


Our idea of beauty.

We love design as an allied to the message, in order to get the best user experience ever.

We’re obsessed with simplicity, as a synthesis of more complex information.


Information is key.

We believe in the message and we know how to put the spotlight on it.

We use the expressive potential of multimedia and new media to strengthen the power of words.


Evolution through research.

We believe in all the possibilities given by the web and new technologies.

We love when technology serves interactivity and problem solving.

We care for the Earth

We care for the environment and we’re building an eco-friendly agency.

Simple routines and a CO2 emissions compensation programme are part of our lifestyle and work, because respect and environmental protection come first.

Energy Efficiency

We work on Apple computers, designed to avoid energy waste. Our computers use less energy than a 60watt bulb.

Every night we pull out the plug, to cut down on any consumption.

Responsible recycling

Environmental protection is a daily routine. We don’t use disposable tableware for our meals, and we choose low impact products.

We separate plastic, glass and paper waste, and anything can be reused.

Less paper, less CO2

We compensate emissions coming from our website traffic (72 kilos of CO2) by contributing to the creation of a 69 square metres forest in Costa Rica.

Printing is avoided where possible: that means 90 kilos of CO2 less in one year.

We like technology

We use every tool offered by the web for us and our clients.

We believe in the potential of on-line systems and modern technologies.

We’re fond of open source software and we love anything makes the web a huge community.

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The new website will be soon online, you can take a look at the preview.

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