Maestri di Strada Onlus

May 2013

Maestri di Strada is a non profit organization with over 15 years of experience in educational activities to prevent dropping out of school. The teachers at Maestri di Strada bring back the fun in learning with school support, theatre, music, craftsmanship.

The website revolves around the daily activities and the Diary, where the teachers at Maestri di Strada tell their stories and experiences with their students.

Logo design, Content Management System, Website
Maestri di Strada ONLUS

Ongoing projects are presented in dynamic detail sheets, each with a timeline, new events related to the project, donations, results and all that it takes to let possible donators share in the organization experiences.

Users can donate to the single project and even choose to appear in the timeline as donators. The detail sheet is meant to be personal and engaging, with photos of the students and the members of staff involved.

The pictogramme depicts the enthusiasm and the organization team spirit, with silhouettes crossing to create the letter M.

We chose saturated colours to reinforce the connection with the Mediterranean and Naples.

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